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Monday 8 October 2007

Trider Cup September 11th 2007 - Fuerteventura Golf Club

This was our 3rd annual 1 day Ryder Cup style event, where we play all three formats of the Ryder Cup in one day by splitting the 18 holes into 3 sets of 6, fourballs, foursomes and individuals. The first year the Presidents team lead by Derek Mac narrowly lost to acting vice president Jo McKernon 14 ½ to 13 ½, as close as it could be. Last year was a different story as I captained the opposing team, we had a landslide victory of 21 to 7 over Derek’s team. So Derek’s reputation was once again on the line, all was hanging on this year’s competition.

The teams are selected schoolboy fashion where we flick a coin to see who gets first pick of the players, then take it in turns to select the two teams. This year Derek took the brave step to select as many of his last years team as possible. Captaining the opposing team this year was Rob Hughes. Both captains had choice of the colour of shirts their team were to wear and Rob opted for the simple option of black, where as Derek again took the brave measure of picking pink as his colour! Very quickly teams were dubbed as the pink pussies and the men in black, although the black team at the time had all the women on their side! Originally there were 12 in each team but a few of our members became available so we threw together an extra four ball consisting of 2 members and 2 guests. Unfortunately, selection of who’s side they were on was down only to who could fit in each shirt and as the pink shirts were a bigger size it meant that the bigger of the 2 were in pink!
On the day of the comp, one member couldn’t make it so Mike Turner, the 1st reserve jumped in to help. There was plenty of banter going on, mainly jeers at the pink shirts, but everyone was in good humour. The Captains of each chose to go out first so that they could chase around afterwards to check on scores from the others. My playing partner was the Grapevines Simon Atherfold and we were pitched against Tony Fawcett and Vince Price

. You can check out our website www.corralejogolf.com to see who’s doing what and where in our eclectic and player of the year comps.

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