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Thursday 20 December 2007


It was our penultimate game of the season and also the day of our AGM. We had a great turnout with 31 players including 10 guests. I was drawn Jo McKernon along with husband and wife, Bernie and Carol O’Boyle who are currently scouting the Canaries to decide where they want to settle. We certainly had a great day, and despite mishaps on 2 holes, I managed to come off with a very good score of 38. Guest Bernie also did well scoring 33, not bad considering it’s the first time he’d played the course. Unfortunately, neither of us were leading in the clubhouse when we returned, as 2 of the first group out, consisting of Captain Dennis May, Dud Tanton and guest Pat O’Hogan, had beaten our scores, Dennis had scored 40, and Pat had scored 36. Dud was only 1 behind me on 37, but it meant I’d won our little side bet! So it was a waiting game to see how far down the pecking order we’d fall.
Generally it was a high scoring day with 21 of the 31 scoring 30 points or more, and although we’d done our best, Bernie slipped down one more place to 3rd in the guest comp and I slipped into 4th in the members comp. Colin Webb, a 10 handicapper who’d played with us earlier in the year, scored 2 more points than Pat with 38 and won the guest comp, despite feeling somewhat under the weather from the night before, in fact he even had to make a sharp exit before the presentation as he’d gone a little green round the gills! See his brave face on the picture! In the members comp, Dennis McKernon beat me by 1 point with 39 and came 3rd, Dennis May came 2nd with 40, and romping in with a gross 73, just 3 over par was 11 handicapper, Tony Fawcett with 44 points. Tony was hacked by 3 shots, Dennis by 2 and me, Dennis Dud and Aly all lost half a shot for beating our handicaps.
Nearest the pins were won by guest Pat O’Hogan for nearest the pin in 2 on the 9th, and he was only about 2 feet away, not bad when consider he had to hit a little white ball just twice to reach 324 metres and get only 2 feet away! Nearest the pin on the short 14th hole was Aly Tanton who also got pretty close. Three of us managed to get a 2, Captain Dennis May, Aly Tanton and myself! Lucky sweep winner was that old dog, Dennis McKernon.

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